Policy & Procedures

Our goal is prevention. We don’t want members of the SFU community to be bullied or harassed, so SFU has created a stand alone bullying and harassment policy and set of procedures to support our community. To achieve a safe and respectful workplace and learning environment, we will act in two ways: first through education and training to raise awareness about what behaviour is unacceptable and secondly, by addressing incidents that do occur effectively and in a timely manner.

What is bullying and harassment?

Bullying and harassment includes any conduct or comment by a person towards a member of the University Community that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause the member of the University Community to be humiliated or intimidated.

Recognizing bullying and harassment

It can be difficult to recognize bullying and harassing behaviour.

What is and isn't covered

Have questions about what isn’t covered by Policy?

Bullying and Harassment Policy FAQ

Visit Frequently Asked Questions about the Bullying and Harassment Policy and Procedures.