Recognizing Bullying and Harassment

It can be difficult to recognize bullying and harassing behaviour as not all inappropriate, offensive, or disrespectful conduct is considered bullying and harassment. The behaviour or comments must be humiliating or intimidating and can take place one time or repeatedly over time.  Here are some examples that might suggest bullying and harassment is happening:

  • Verbal aggression or insults; calling someone derogatory names
  • Vandalizing personal belongings
  • Sabotaging someone’s work
  • Making aggressive or threatening gestures
  • Engaging in harmful or offensive initiation practices

Do you think you are experiencing bullying and harassment? Reach out to a Case Manager to learn more.

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If you are not ready to connect with a Case Manager or support service at the University, we have developed a resource to support you if you are experiencing bullying and harassment and are not sure what to do.