About Us

Simon Fraser University is committed to providing a working and learning environment which is free from bullying and harassment and in which all members of the University community are treated in a fair and respectful manner.

The Bullying and Harassment Central Hub

The Central Hub was created in 2021 to be the first point of contact for all SFU students, staff and faculty who may have experienced bullying and harassment at SFU. The Central Hub was designed to be a centralized place to get information, submit a report about bullying and harassment, or access support. SFU community members who are interested in seeking support or filing a report under SFU’s Bullying and Harassment Policy (GP 47) are encouraged to reach out to the Central Hub to learn more.

Transition to Human Rights Office and VP People Equity & Inclusion Portfolio 

In November 2022, with the endorsement of Executive and to maintain our progress and continue the work towards a respectful and equitable workplace, SFU’s Human Rights Office (HRO) and Bullying and Harassment Central Hub ere moved to the VP People, Equity, Inclusion portfolio. This transition co-locates offices working toward shared goals and focused on providing a more consistent and streamlined experience for faculty, staff and students at SFU.  

 The intent of this change is to enable better collaboration around case management and implementation of best practices, and to address intersectional issues of human rights, equity and respectful environment, preventative and restorative/transformative justice education and conflict resolution.  

Link to November 1, 2022 Announcement from Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, VP People, Equity & Inclusion


The annual report outlines the number and types of reports made under the Policy and the method of resolution. The first annual report will be available in fall 2022.