SFU Applied Sciences Building Construction Project

The Applied Sciences Building (ASB) is continuing on with our revitalization project from April 2023 and into spring 2024. The project includes the installation of an energy-efficient building envelope that will reduce SFU’s carbon footprint, window replacement and a roof-cooling tower replacement.

In addition to addressing long term building envelope issues, the revitalization aspects of the project have been developed on the academic plan for the Faculty of Applied Sciences to expand the teaching and research functions of the facility.

The primary worksite for this project is along the west ASB wall and in the courtyard between ASB and Shrum K.

Are you a computing science student? Please note that the CSIL labs will remain open during the project with short periods of closure at the beginning and the end of the project.

Emergency egress routes will be impacted by this project. The 10000 NW stair exit and 9000L exit located in ASB 9838 will both be closed.  Please respect all signage and avoid closed areas where there are construction activities.

The ASB will have:

  • Enhanced building envelope and new facades to increase energy efficiency.
  • Enhanced fume exhaust for the labs on level 8000.

Please note the following when visiting the Applied Sciences Building:

  • Rooms and certain areas may not be available for use. Please respect all signage related to the construction area and avoid area closures.
  • Noise and vibration disruptions due to hammering, concrete cutting and heavy equipment.
  • Dust and odor from demolition is expected around the construction area.

At SFU, specific standardized safety processes exist to ensure that health and safety is maintained during all campus construction projects. All construction work will be performed in accordance with SFU safety protocols

If you have questions or concerns related to this project, please contact the SFU Facilities Service project Manager, Lana Sorbo at lsorbo@sfu.ca.


  • The men's washroom on the ASB 10000 level is now open.
  • The east and north entrances to the Applied Sciences Building are now open. Please note building access hours; FOB access required outside of building hours.