SFU Applied Sciences Building Construction Project

The east and north entrances to the Applied Sciences Building are now open.

Please note that while the entrance will be open to assist with traffic flow into/out of the ASB, construction will still be underway in the building, large furniture movement will be taking place, and the elevator may not be available during this time. Use caution when in these areas and be aware of large items that may be stored in the hallways, which may cause some restriction in hallway access and delays in travel. Avoid loitering in these spaces until the construction project is fully complete. Thank you!

The Applied Sciences Building (ASB) is undergoing a revitalization project from May 4, 2020 and into 2023. The ASB construction project will include the installation of an energy-efficient building envelope that will reduce SFU’s carbon footprint, address chronic water issues within the building envelope, improve configuration and utilization of learning spaces, labs, workspaces and support areas, and include a streamlined campus east entrance that supports future development of adjacent areas. Many spaces in the ASB will remain open and access routes will change. Signage will be posted. Please plan your route ahead of time.

In addition to addressing long term building envelope issues, the revitalization aspects of the project have been developed on the academic plan for the Faculty of Applied Sciences to expand the teaching and research functions of the facility.

The ASB will have:

  • Updated foyer offering an inviting campus entrance
  • New linear access route through campus
  • Enhanced building envelope and new facades to increase energy efficiency
  • Improving security measures at entry access points and respective functional rooms
  • Staging to support an expansion of collaborative and enhanced teaching laboratory spaces
  • Consolidated administrative spaces to streamline operations

Please note the following when visiting the Applied Sciences Building:

  • Rooms and certain areas may not be available for use.
  • Noise and vibration disruptions due to hammering, concrete cutting and heavy equipment.
  • Odour from welding.

If you are a FAS faculty, staff or student and have questions, please submit them to www.sfu.ca/fas/asb-construction/contact.

For all other inquiries, please contact Naila Nalupta at naila_nalupta@sfu.ca.


  • The men's washroom on the ASB 10000 level is now open.
  • The east and north entrances to the Applied Sciences Building are now open. Please note building access hours; FOB access required outside of building hours.