SFU’s largest showcase of student entrepreneurship projects.

OppFest is SFU’s largest showcase of student entrepreneurship projects. This celebration brings together ambitious young leaders from elementary and high school through to university and inspires the new era of innovators and problem solvers!

This annual event is hosted by SFU’s Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship.

OppFest is attended by SFU students, faculty, alumni, participants, and junior innovators. The event includes live pitches from the participating teams and a showcase of their products for attendees to view. Mentors will evaluate the teams and choose their top choices who will receive cash prizes and awards!  

2023 Event Details: 

Date: Thursday, November 23, 2023
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM (PST)
Location: SFU Surrey Mezzanine | SRYC 2400

Thank You to our Sponsors & Partners:

Title Sponsor

As a credit union with deep roots in British Columbia for over 75 years, we are proud to be woven into the fabric of our local communities – in times of challenge, recovery, and prosperity. We deliver financial services to members across BC through a network of 26 branch locations

Event Sponsor

John Dobson Foundation

Program Partner

2023 Categories:

Health & Lifestyle

From outdoor adventure kits, to golf attire, all the way up to holographic novelties, teams in this category tackle the problems of personal well-being and overall enjoyment of life. 

Social Innovation

Safe work at high altitudes and safe transport for members of the LBGTQ+ community are only a couple of the social challenges that these teams take on. Their approaches focus on improving systems and infrastructure for the specific audiences in their market.

Waste Reduction

Teams look at unique ways to reduce waste at the end-user level. Whether it be recycling waste material or reducing food waste, these teams tackle the challenge of using resources more efficiently.

Industrial Pollution

Big business means big pollution. Teams in this category take a look at unique and diverse solutions to tackle sustainability and the by-products of big production. 

Mental Health & Human Capacity

While we humans may think we’re invincible, we’re not. We push ourselves to the limit, and at what cost? Teams look at the various barriers humans face when it comes to mental health and well-being and the human capacity to hold information and add value.

Guest Mentors

Thank you to all of our guest mentors!

  • Bryan McIntosh
  • Anthonia Ogundele
  • Bill Roche
  • Brandon Chapman
  • Brent Warmer
  • Bryan McIntosh
  • Darren Harwish
  • Edward Chiang
  • Garrett Downes
  • Greg Dyck
  • Gursher Sidhu
  • Gurwinder Singh
  • Jesika Kula
  • Jessie Adcock
  • Jestina Moyo Kusina
  • Jivi Saran
  • Kamal Masri
  • Kara Lisik
  • Kate Dilworth
  • Kavita McDaniel
  • Mike Ng
  • Nerissa Allen
  • Omar Mawji
  • Rahul Singh
  • Ramtin Rakhsha
  • Revant Sipani
  • Reza Nazarinia
  • Rochelle Prasad
  • Rose McKeen
  • Ryan Stolys
  • Simon Ford
  • Stefanie Van Hooijdonk
  • Steve Dooley
  • Sumreen Rattan
  • Suzanne Norman
  • Thomas Partridge
  • Tyler Saito
  • Victoria Shmig
  • Wesley Wong
  • Wyette Sale
  • Zafar Adeel


Thank you to all of our volunteers!

  • Alison Leung
  • Amirul Islam Khan Anirban
  • Amrit Senghera
  • Anh Truong
  • Aria Rahimi
  • Catherine Rosario
  • Fatma Omer
  • Herreet Toor
  • Herroop Toor
  • Jaskaran Oberoi
  • Laaiqa Ali
  • LaLarissa Tetero
  • Leena Kanadil
  • Muizza Shams
  • Paige Foulds
  • Sasha Abraham
  • Shalini Bansal
  • Stella Truong
  • Sydney Keller
  • Thanh Nhan Nguyen
  • Thien Phuc Truong

OppFest Student Highlights

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