SPARK Program


If you’re seeking the right business idea, needing to validate market opportunities, or searching for the right business model for your business…then SPARK is for you!
SPARK at SFU’s Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection offers pre-venture services in a self-directed program to help you explore your business idea and better understand your market.

Through a collection of workshops, mentoring, visual, and hands-on tools, SPARK guides you through the process of defining your problem, articulating your solution, developing your value proposition, crafting your business model, and getting up close and personal with potential customers in your market to learn what they need.

And the best part is, once you complete the SPARK program, you’ll meet the eligibility requirements to apply for Venture Connection’s nationally-recognized Incubator program.

All SPARK workbooks must be signed off by a Mentor during a Mentor Meet session to complete the SPARK Program. Once signed, you are eligible for a review panel to determine acceptance into the incubator.

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