Using Icons

Icons can be used to enhance your message, indicate calls to action, or serve as a stand-in for text where brevity is required. 


Use Google Material Symbols for your CLF4 icon needs:

  • Go to the Google Material Symbols library (selected parameters are: sharp, fill 1, 400 weight)
  • Select an icon
  • Copy the code from the "Inserting the icon" section in the panel on the right 
  • Go to your Text component and paste the code into the source edit tab

Social media icons

For social media icons, use FontAwesome icons listed below:

To add them to your page, use the class "icon" and include the additional corresponding class for each icon.

  • <span class="icon icon-facebook"></span> will produce 
  • <span class="icon icon-instagram"></span> will produce 
  • <span class="icon icon-youtube"></span> will produce 
  • <span class="icon icon-twitter"></span> will produce an X icon
  • <span class="icon icon-tiktok"></span> will produce a TikTok icon

Creating links

To create a link, use either of the above two methods within an <a></a> tag

  • <a href="" class="icon">F</a> or <a href="" class="icon icon-facebook"></a> will produce a clickable F