Reference Component

The Reference component allows you to display an existing piece of content from another AEM page (i.e., reuse content).

Any changes to the original content will also be reflected on what's displayed on the Reference component on your page.

Note: The content cannot be edited from a Reference component; changes can only occur on the original content source.  Styles associated with the content will be overridden by the styles defined on your AEM page.

When should it be used?

Use a Reference component when you need to display a piece of content that exists on another AEM page.

Tip:  If you would like to reference something from an AEM site that is managed by a different department, contact that department's Site Administrator for permission to be added to their mailing list.

Example of Reference component usage

The following list is referenced from the Authoring Basics page:


The following is a section referenced from the SFU Connect home page (