Financial Accounting Fundamentals

This course focuses on the user orientation of financial accounting, the uses of financial statements, how to analyze a business entity, and how the accounting system is structured.

Topics include recording transactions, adjusting entries, preparing financial statements, the accounting cycle, merchandise operations, inventory accounting, accounting systems, internal control, cash, accounts receivable, capital assets, corporations, analysis of financial statements, and accounting terminology.

This course is available at the following time(s) and location(s):

Campus Session(s) Instructor(s) Cost Seats available  
Vancouver 12 Jaspal Singh $649.00 14 Register

What will I learn?

After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain accounting terminology and how accounting fits into the business environment
  • Use and analyze financial statements
  • Incorporate financial analysis into business decision-making
  • Function as a knowledgeable member of the management team

How will I learn?

This university-level course may consist of a combination of lectures, workshops, case studies, examinations, projects, papers, assignments, and group presentations. It requires at-home study and preparation. You can expect reading and other assignments on a weekly basis.

How will I be evaluated?

We'll evaluate your performance in this course using a combination of in-class or take-home assignments, exams, individual or group projects, participation and attendance. 

Textbooks and learning materials


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