Anne Bulstrode

Career Development Practitioner Training

Anne Bulstrode’s goal in life is to help others achieve their full potential. As part of her private practice, she helps people decide what career path is best suited for them. Anne works with individuals who are considering a career transition. She enjoys taking people through the process of examining what they are best suited for, what their motivations are for wanting to make the move, what their best next move is and how to achieve it.

To help people gain a clearer picture of what direction to take, Anne is certified to use several assessments, one of which is Personality Dimensions®. She is a master Personality Dimensions® facilitator and trainer, and the co-author of the best-selling book, Colour Savvy: Helping You Achieve Success in Your Work Life

Anne lives in Grimsby, Ontario, in the heart of Niagara’s wine country. When she isn’t working with her clients, she enjoys pursuing her other loves of photography, wine and food. She enjoys exploring the region with her camera and taking part in wine and food seminars and classes. She believes learning is a lifelong journey, which she embraces for both herself and her clients.