Efrat El-Hanany

Dr. El-Hanany is a faculty member in the Art History and Women and Gender Studies Departments at Capilano University in North Vancouver. An art historian, she specializes in the visual culture of the Italian Renaissance with additional interests in traditions of Jewish art, contemporary art, and the art of China.

She graduated from Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a BA in the history of art and East Asian studies and a BA in education. After several years' experience teaching and developing educational programs at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, she went on to earn an MA and a PhD from Indiana University in Bloomington. Her PhD dissertation, Beating the Devil: Images of the Madonna del Soccorso in Italian Renaissance Art (2006), focuses on issues of iconography, gender, and social and religious history.

Dr. El-Hanany’s engagement with art history has taken many forms: she has published on diverse topics and presented at numerous academic conferences. She has for many years taught continuing studies courses at various cultural institutions around Vancouver and elsewhere.

Previously taught:

  • Fame and Infamy: Caravaggio and the Art of the Baroque   LIB117
  • Free Forum | Motherhood in Art History
  • From Artemisia to Frida: Six Women Artists and Their Times   AHCP269
  • From Giotto to Gaddi: Masters of the Italian Trecento   LIB163
  • Great Patrons of the Italian Renaissance: The Medici to Pope Julius II   LIB187
  • Masters of Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art (55+)   SCFC912
  • The Divine Michelangelo   AHCP282
  • Virtue and Passion: The Art of Artemisia Gentileschi   LIB113
  • Women Artists of Belle Époque Paris   LIB134

Area(s) of instruction: