Marlene LeGates

Throughout most of her teaching career, Marlene LeGates taught history and women's studies at Capilano College. After receiving a BA from Washington University (St. Louis) and an MA and a PhD from Yale University, she began teaching in the California state university system in San Jose and Sonoma, and then moved to Vancouver to teach at UBC, SFU and Capilano College (now a university).

While her initial research was in early modern Europe, she taught courses on Canadian history, medieval Europe, women's history, women and religion and more. She also taught Latin American history and developed the Latin American Studies Program at Capilano.

Her work on women's history resulted in In Their Time: A History of Feminism in Western Society (Routledge, 2001), originally published as Making Waves: A History of Feminism in Europe and North America (Copp Clark [Addison Wesley]), 1996.

Previously taught:

  • 500 Years Later: The Reformation Revisited (55+)   PLUS133
  • Exploring Everyday Lives and Experiences: European Society the 20th Century (55+)   SCFC581
  • Has Christianity Done More Harm Than Good? (55+)   SCFC690
  • Mexico: Heroes and History (55+)   SCFC634
  • The Great Courts of Europe, 1500-1800 (55+)   PLUS240
  • The Life and Times of Jesus (55+)   SCFC707
  • The Protestant Reformation: Religious Conflict in Europe (55+)   SCFC453
  • Tying the Knot: Marriage Ideals and Ideal Marriages (55+)   SCFC457
  • Why Christianity Happened (55+)  PLUS392
  • Why Christianity Happened: The First Four Centuries (55+)   SCFC544

Area(s) of instruction: