Young Joe

Medical Translation and Interpretation

Young Joe has worked as a professional interpreter, primarily in health care, legal and community, since 2004. She is a passionate advocate of the professionalization of community and health care interpreting and language access for people with limited English proficiency. 

Young founded Bilinguals International as a vehicle to champion the continued professionalization of interpreters by providing inter-professional training on “How to Work with Interpreters” to health care professionals as well as students in health care and social work disciplines at UBC.

Before she became the first certified medical interpreter in Canada in 2016, she earned her master’s degrees in translation and interpreting and in international relations from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, in 2008. As an enthusiastic interpreting trainer, she teaches interpreting skills at Simon Fraser University and the Interpreter's Lab in English to students with all the language combinations. She has also taught interpreting and translation at UBC and Vancouver Community College and developed their curriculum.

Young is an avid rock-climber, so you will find her on the rocks in Squamish on weekends.