Stan Markotich

Originally from Vancouver and a student at Simon Fraser University, Dr. Markotich graduated from Indiana University in the early 1990s and promptly accepted an appointment with Radio Free Europe in Munich where he served as Serbian analyst until the organization's move to Prague. Markotich spent several years in the Czech Republic as research analyst with the Open Media Research Institute before taking a contract with the International Crisis Group and relocating to a permanent base in the Balkans.

Markotich witnessed first hand some of the conflict that gripped the lands of the former Yugoslavia. From 1999–2002 he served as senior policy advisor to the Independent Media Commission (IMC), Bosnia's media regulatory authority, with a secondment from the Canadian Ministry of External Affairs. In the interim, Markotich has found time to offer courses at several universities and colleges, including Middlebury. He has lectured on Balkan issues across North America, and has even made presentations at USAF Base Mildenhall in the UK. He has published hundreds of academic and popular articles and book chapters on the Balkans, is the main author of The Independent Media Commission White Paper: Media and Democratisation in Bosnia and Hercegovina and is currently revising a memoir which in part deals with his years in the conflict zones of Southeastern Europe.

Previously taught:

  • A New Ottoman Empire? (55+)   PLUS318
  • Albania from the Second World War to the Present (55+)   PLUS180
  • At the Crossroads of Empires: The Balkans 1453–1914 (55+)   SCFC918
  • From Nationalism to Nightmare: The Balkans 1900–2015 (55+)   PLUS107
  • Make Romania Great Again (55+)   PLUS333
  • Searching for the Real Vampire: Tales From Serbia   AHCP256
  • Serbia Since the Second World War (55+)   PLUS138
  • The Complexities of Conflict: War of Words   LIB143

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