Kristina Tzetzos

Career Development Practitioner Training

Kristina Tzetzos (BA, BEd, CDP) has spent her career helping others recognize their strengths and realize their potential. Having pivoted industries and professions, Kristina connects with clients experiencing transition and addresses career concerns holistically. She enjoys the meaning-making process of helping others piece together cohesive stories about their career journeys.  

Her own journey has moved her from the education industry, to technology, to business and entrepreneurship. Now an accredited coach, Kristina currently works at SFU as a Beedie co-op career advisor and at Douglas College's Career Centre as a coordinator. While her heart is always with students, Kristina also works as a life coach helping clients gain clarity on what they want and crafting appropriate action steps with them.  

With personal and professional growth as one of her core values, Kristina is currently deepening her practice to be more EDI and accessibility informed, exploring curriculum improvements to career education services, trying to master a crow pose and taking lessons to better her long game on the golf course.