Business Analysis

Upcoming courses and workshops

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Business Analysis Certificate. 

All courses take place in Vancouver.

Location update: In-person courses have been moved to online-supported delivery through August 31, 2021.

August 2020

28 Business Analysis Implications BAC145 BAC145-ON12041

September 2020

12 Business Analysis Fundamentals BAC105 BAC105-ON12071

October 2020

17 Business Analysis: Team Dynamics and Leadership BAC110 BAC110-ON12071

November 2020

7 Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring BAC115 BAC115-ON12071

28 Requirements Elicitation, Communication and Management BAC120 BAC120-ON12071

January 2021

9 Business Analysis: Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving BAC125 BAC125-VA12111

30 Business Process Analysis BAC130 BAC130-ON12111

February 2021

19 Business Analytics BAC135 BAC135-ON12111

March 2021

20 Building a Case for Business Change BAC140 BAC140-ON12111

April 2021

10 Business Analysis Implications BAC145 BAC145-ON12111