Upcoming courses and workshops

New Media Journalism

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the New Media Journalism Certificate. Please note that registration may close up to one week before a course begins.   

Vancouver Vancouver

January 2018

1 Journalism Practicum JOUR350 JOUR350-VA1181

October 2018

13 Information Visualization JOUR340 JOUR340-VA1187

27 Social Media Skills for Freelance Writers JOUR215 JOUR215-VA1187

November 2018

17 Multi-Platform Writing and Editing JOUR225 JOUR225-VA1187

January 2019

12 Economics of New Media Journalism JOUR235 JOUR235-VA1191

26 Interviewing: Profile Writing JOUR245 JOUR245-VA1191

February 2019

23 Law and Ethics in Journalism JOUR315 JOUR315-VA1191

March 2019

9 Online, Video and Audio Reporting JOUR325 JOUR325-VA1191