Alumni authors

Alrawi, Karim, TWS 2010

Book of Sands: A Novel of the Arab Uprising [fiction]
HarperAvenue-HarperCollins, 2015.
HarperCollins/UBC Prize for Best New Fiction (Winner) First Novel Award (Finalist)
Mentor: Anne Stone

Ashton, Jennifer, TWS 2018

People Like Frank and Other Stories From the Edge of Normal. [fiction]
Tidewater Press, 2020.
Indigenous Voices Award for Published Prose in English (Finalist)
Writer in Residence for BC History Magazine, 2021/22
Mentor: Stella Harvey

Baker, Carleigh, TWS 2012

Bad Endings [fiction]
Anvil, 2017.
City of Vancouver Book Award (Winner)
Rogers Writers Trust Fiction Prize (Finalist)
Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice Award (Finalist)
Mentor: Shaena Lambert and Timothy Taylor

Basran, Gurjinder, TWS 2006

Everything Was Good-bye: A Novel [fiction]
Mother Tongue, 2010.
Rpt.: Penguin, 2012.
Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize (Winner)
Search for the Great B.C. Novel Contest (Winner)
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (Semifinalist)

Someone You Love Is Gone [fiction]
Penguin Random House Canada, 2017.
HarperCollins, 2017.
Mentor: Wayde Compton

B-e, Lindsay, TWS 2009

The Cyborg Anthology [poetry]
Brick Books, 2020.
Mentor: Rachel Rose

Bird, Kate, TWS 2004

Vancouver in the Seventies: Photos From a Decade That Changed the City [non-fiction]
Greystone, 2016.

City On Edge: A Rebellious Century of Vancouver Protests, Riots, and Strikes [non-fiction]
Greystone, 2017.
Mentor: Stephen Osborne

Borrie, Cathie, TWS 2005

The Long Hello: The Other Side of Alzheimer’s [memoir]
Nightwing, 2010.
Rpt. as The Long Hello: Memory, My Mother, and Me. Simon and Schuster Canada, 2015.
Mentor: Betsy Warland

Bryant, Cullene, TWS 2010 and TWS 2012

God Is a Laughing Bedouin [poetry]
Inanna, 2017.
Mentors: Ivan Coyote and Brian Payton

Brown, E.R., TWS 2004

Almost Criminal: A Novel [fiction]
Dundurn, 2013.
Rpt. as Almost Criminal. Trans. Yoshihiro Masaki. Hayakawa, 2015.
Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Paperback Original (Finalist)
Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel (Finalist)
Mentor: Caroline Adderson

Cabral, Esmeralda, TWS 2010

How to Clean a Fish: And Other Adventures in Portugal [non-fiction]
University of Alberta Press, 2023.
Mentor: Brian Payton

Chang, Janie, TWS 2011

Three Souls: A Novel [fiction]
HarperCollins, 2013.
Rpt.: William Morrow-HarperCollins, 2013.
Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize (Finalist)
International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (Longlisted)

Dragon Springs Road: A Novel [fiction]
HarperCollins, 2017.
William Morrow-HarperCollins, 2017.
International DUBLIN Literary Award (Longlisted)
Globe and Mail National Bestseller

The Library of Legends: A Novel [fiction]
HarperCollins, 2020.
William Morrow-HarperCollins, 2020.
Globe and Mail National Bestseller

The Porcelain Moon: A Novel of France, the Great War, and Forbidden Love [fiction]
HarperCollins, 2023.
William Morrow-HarperCollins, 2023.
Mentor: Shaena Lambert

The Phoenix Crown (co-authored with Kate Quinn) [fiction]
William Morrow-HarperCollins, 2024.

Cragg, Carys, TWS 2014

Dead Reckoning: How I Came to Meet the Man Who Murdered My Father  [non-fiction]
Arsenal Pulp, 2017.
Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize (Finalist)
Mentor: Charles Demers

De Montigny, Suzanne, TWS 2013

The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy [fiction]
MuseItYoung-MuseItUp, 2014.
Global Ebook Award for Fantasy/Alternate History (Winner, Gold)

The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Deception [fiction]
Books We Love, 2016.
Mentor: Hiromi Goto

Drobnies, Adrienne, TWS 2009

Salt and Ashes [poetry]
Signature Editions, 2019.
Fred Kerner Book Award (Winner)
Fred Cogswell Award (Longlisted)
Exile’s Gwendolyn MacEwen Poetry Competition for Best Suite by an Emerging Poet, 2017 (for the suite of poems “Randonnées" in Salt and Ashes)
Mentor: Rachel Rose

Dunic, Leanne, TWS 2011

To Love the Coming End [poetry]
Bookthug, 2017.
Mentor: Jen Currin

Elrick, Michelle, TWS 2005

To Speak [poetry]
Muses’ Company-J. Gordon Shillingford, 2010.
then/again [poetry]
Blewointment-Nightwood, 2017.
Mentor: Steven Galloway

Fantetti, Eufemia, TWS 2007

A Recipe for Disaster & Other Unlikely Tales of Love [short fiction]
Mother Tongue, 2013.
F.G. Bressani Literary Prize for Short Fiction (Winner)
Danuta Gleed Literary Award (Finalist)
Mentor: Wayde Compton

Feenstra, Mark, TWS 2008

Black Magic (Black Records Book 1) [fiction]
Amazon Digital, 2016.

Black Market (Black Records Book 2) [fiction]
Amazon Digital, 2017.

Black Ice (Black Records Book 3) [fiction]
Amazon Digital, 2017.
Mentor: Steven Galloway

Fernandes, Raoul, TWS 2009

Transmitter and Receiver: Poems [poetry]
Nightwood, 2015.
Gerald Lampert Memorial Award (Finalist)
Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize (Winner)
Mentor: Rachel Rose

Flood, Joan B., TWS 2008

New Girl [fiction]
Euterpe Pan-Musa, 2012.
Orpheus GLBT Fiction Contest Grand Prize (Winner)

Left Unsaid [fiction]
Signature, 2017.
Mentor: Wayde Compton

Gardiner, Elee Kraljii, TWS 2006 and 2009

V6A: Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown, with John Mikhail Asfour, eds. [anthology]
Eastside. Arsenal Pulp, 2012.
City of Vancouver Book Award (Finalist)

The Stanza Project: Thursdays Writing Collective & MLPPROOSTEN ARCHITECTURE, ed. [anthology]
Otter, 2013.

Voice to Voice: An Anthology of Music and Transformation, ed. [anthology]
Otter, 2015.

Serpentine Loop [poetry]
Anvil, 2016.
Mentor: Wayde Compton, Rachel Rose

Goh, Kagan, TWS 2010 and 2012

Who Let in the Sky?: A Son's Tribute to His Father Goh Poh Seng's Courageous Struggle with Parkinson's Disease. [poetry and non-fiction]
Celestial-Select, 2012.
Mentor: Ivan Coyote, Shaena Lambert

Hill, Leslie, TWS 2007

Dressed for Dancing: My Sojourn in the Findhorn Foundation. [memoir]
Incite Press, 2012.
Whistler Independent Book Award for Non-Fiction (Longlisted)
Mentor: Wayde Compton

Honeybourn, Jennifer, TWS 2004

Wesley James Ruined My Life [fiction]
Swoon-Macmillan, 2017.
Mentor: Caroline Adderson

Hurford, Dianna, TWS 2005

Creative Community Planning: Transformative Engagement Methods for Working at the Edge, with Wendy Sarkissian and Christine Wenman. [non-fiction]
Earthscan-Routledge, 2010.
Planning Institute of Australia Award for Planning Scholarship (Winner)
Mentor: Miranda Pearson

John-Kehewin, Wanda, TWS 2011

In the Dog House [poetry]
Talonbooks, 2013.
Mentor: Brian Payton

Karlinsky, Harry, TWS 2009

The Evolution of Inanimate Objects: The Life and Collected Works of Thomas Darwin (1857-1879) [fiction]
Serotonin/Wayside-Insomniac, 2010.
Rpt.: Friday Project-HarperCollins, 2012.
Wellcome Trust Book Prize (Longlisted)

The Stonehenge Letters: A Novel [fiction]
Friday Project-HarperCollins, 2014.
Rpt.: Coach House, 2014.
Mentor: Anne Stone

King, Linda, TWS 2001

Dream Street Details [poetry]
Shoe Music, 2013.

Reality Wayfarers: Poems [poetry]
Shoe Music, 2014.

No Dimes for the Dancing Gypsies [poetry]
BlazeVOX, 2016.

Ongoing Repairs to Something Significant [poetry]
BlazeVOX, 2017.
Mentor: Betsy Warland

Kirton, Jonina, TWS 2007

Page as Bone - Ink as Blood: Poems [poetry]
Talonbooks, 2015.

An Honest Woman [poetry]
Talonbooks, 2017.
Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize (Finalist)
Mentor: Miranda Pearson

Knight, Chelene, TWS 2013

Braided Skin: Poems. 
Mother Tongue, 2015.

Dear Current Occupant: A Memoir. [non-fiction]
Book*hug, 2018.
Mentor: Jen Currin

Larsen, Sonja, TWS 2008

Red Star Tattoo: My Life as a Girl Revolutionary [non-fiction]
Random House Canada, 2016.
Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction (Winner)
Hilary Weston Writers Trust Creative Non-Fiction Award (Shortlist)
Mentor: Wayde Compton

Lawson, Charlotte J., TWS 2014

Monsoons: Memories of India [non-fiction]
CreateSpace, 2015.
Mentor: Charles Demers

Leavitt, Sarah, TWS 2002

Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me [graphic memoir]
Freehand, 2010.
Rpt.: Jonathan Cape-Random House, 2010; Skyhorse, 2012; Das große Durcheinander: Alzheimer, meine Mutter und ich. Beltz & Gelberg, 2013.
CBC Bookie Award for Best Comic or Graphic Novel (Winner)
Writers’ Trust of Canada Non-Fiction Prize (Finalist)
Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize (Finalist)
Alberta Book Publishing Awards for Book Illustration (Finalist)
Alberta Readers’ Choice Award (Finalist)
Mentor: Betsy Warland

Leventoyannis Harvey, Stella, TWS 2004

Nicolai’s Daughters [fiction]
Signature, 2012.

The Brink of Freedom [fiction]
Signature, 2015.
Mentor: Caroline Adderson

Mavin, John, TWS 2006

Rage [fiction]
Thistledown, 2017.
Mentor: Steven Galloway

McCandless, Kate, TWS 2001

Trans. of Mitsu Suzuki. A White Tea Bowl: 100 Haiku From 100 Years of Life [poetry]
Rodmell, 2014.
Mentor: Betsy Warland

McClure, Melia, TWS 2003

The Delphi Room [fiction]
Chizine, 2013.
Mentor: Caroline Adderson

McEwen, Joan, TWS 2006

Innocence on Trial: The Framing of Ivan Henry [non-fiction]
Heritage House, 2014.
Arthur Ellis Award for Non-Fiction (Finalist)
Mentor: Steven Galloway

McNulty, Lori, TWS 2003

Life on Mars [fiction]
Goose Lane, 2017.
Mentor: Betsy Warland

Mellor, Jane, TWS 2007

Delicate Availability: Prose and Poetry [poetry and short fiction]
Friesen, 2012.
Mentor: Miranda Pearson

Paré, Arleen, TWS 2002

Paper Trail [fiction and poetry]
NeWest, 2007.
Victoria Butler Book Prize (Winner)
Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize (Finalist)

Leaving Now: A Novel [fiction]
Caitlin, 2012.

Lake of Two Mountains [poetry]
Brick, 2014.
Governor General’s Award for Poetry (Winner)

He Leaves His Face in the Funeral Car [poetry]
Caitlin, 2015.

The Girls With Stone Faces [poetry]
Brick, 2017.
Mentor: Betsy Warland

Saklikar, Reneé Sarojini, TWS 2009 and 2010

children of air india: un/authorized exhibits and interjections [poetry]
Blewointment-Nightwood, 2013.
Canadian Authors Association Literary Award for Poetry (Winner)
Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize (Finalist)

The Revolving City: 51 Poems and the Stories Behind Them, with Wayde Compton, eds. [anthology]
Anvil-SFU Public Square, 2015.
Mentor: Wayde Compton, Rachel Rose

Saxifrage, Carrie, TWS 2011

The Big Swim: Coming Ashore in a World Adrift [non-fiction]
New Society-Douglas & McIntyre, 2015.
George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature (Finalist)
Mentor: Brian Payton

Schofield, Anakana, TWS 2001

Malarky: A Novel in Episodes [fiction]
Biblioasis, 2012.
Rpt.: Oneworld, 2013. First Novel Award (Winner)
Late Night Library's 2013 Debut-litzer Prize (Winner)
Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize (Finalist)

Martin John [fiction]
John Metcalf-Biblioasis, 2015.
Rpt.: And Other Stories, 2016.
Scotiabank Giller Prize (Finalist)
Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize (Finalist)
Mentor: Lynn Coady

Sommersby, Jennifer, TWS 2007

[As Eliza Gordon] Must Love Otters [fiction]
West 26th Street, 2013.

[As Eliza Gordon] Neurotica [fiction]
West 26th Street, 2014.

[As Eliza Gordon] Hollie Porter Builds a Raft [fiction]
West 26th Street, 2017.

[As Eliza Gordon] Dear Dwayne, With Love [fiction]
Lake Union, 2018.
Mentor: Steven Galloway

Thompson, Rachel, TWS 2004

Galaxy [poetry]
Anvil, 2011.
The Writer’s Studio First Book Competition (Winner)
Mentor: Miranda Pearson

Tsabari, Ayelet, TWS 2007

The Best Place on Earth: Stories [short fiction]
HarperCollins, 2013.
Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature (Winner)
Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award (Longlisted)
Edward Lewis Wallant Award (Winner)
Mentor: Wayde Compton

Waterfall, Rhonda, TWS 2003

The Only Thing I Have: Stories [short fiction]
Arsenal Pulp, 2010.
Mentor: Stephen Osborne

Zilm, Jennifer, TWS 2013

the whole and broken yellows: Van Gogh poems and others [poetry]
Frog Hollow, 2013.

The Waiting Room: Poems [poetry]
BookThug, 2016.

October Notebook
dancing girl press, 2015.

The Missing Field
Guernica Edition, 2018.
Mentor: Jen Curri

Zomparelli, Daniel, TWS 2008

Davie Street Translations [poetry]
Talonbooks, 2012.

Rom Com, with Dina Del Bucchia [poetry]
Talonbooks, 2015.

Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person: Stories [fiction]
Arsenal Pulp, 2017.
Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize (Finalist)
Mentor: Rachel Rose