Undergraduate checklist

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Simon Fraser University. This is an amazing accomplishment and you should be SFU proud!

Step 1: Official graduation check

Before you apply for graduation, we recommend that you meet with your departmental advisor(s) to do an official graduation check. Although you may have completed your program requirements, you must also complete the general degree requirements.

Once you are sure that you have met all requirements for graduation, proceed to Step 2.

Unsure if you completed all program requirements?

Contact a departmental advisor

Step 2: Apply to graduate

Apply online

Apply for graduation during the final term you are enrolled at SFU. Before starting your graduation application, please ensure you have your credit card number ready to pay for the graduation application fee:

  1. Log into your student account at goSFU.
  2. Click the drop down menu under Academics
  3. Select Apply for Graduation
  4. Read the instructions, scroll down, and click the Accept button to begin the online application process
  5. After payment has been processed in step 10, return to the application and click the ‘Complete’ button in step 11 to submit the application.
  6. To check your graduation application status, to cancel your application, or for any other questions, please refer to the FAQ page.

NOTE: If you encounter any errors or issues with the graduation application please take the following steps:

  • Make sure your browser is up to date.
  • Check your browser settings and change if necessary to allow pop-ups.
  • Check your browser's language settings. They will need to be set to ‘English (United States)’ (see screenshot below)
  • Clear your cache, close your browser, and try again.
  • Try a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Step 3: Confirm your attendance and reserve regalia

Prior to your convocation ceremony, you should confirm your attendance and reserve regalia.

It is important that you let us know you are coming to your ceremony.  Three weeks before your ceremony you will be able to confirm your attendance and reserve your regalia on goSFU. Download instructions.

  1. Log in at go.sfu.ca
  2. Click on the Nav Bar icon (it looks like a compass) on the right side of the screen and select Self Service
  3. Click on Confirm Convoc Attendance
  4. Select your Ceremony
  5. Once confirmed, click on Reserve Regalia hyperlink

NOTE: You may confirm that you have successfully completed this process by checking that the "Confirm Attendance" link is now greyed out. 

Ceremony dates and order cannot be changed.  Plan ahead with your families and employers so that you are able to attend your ceremony as scheduled.

Know what to expect on your Convocation day

See Planning your day.

If you are a student with a disability and you require assistance at your ceremony, please see Convocation assistance.

Instructions for Confirming Attendance and Reserving Regalia

Download the instructions for Confirming Attendance and Reserving Regalia.

Inviting guests from outside of Canada?

If you wish to invite guests from outside Canada, please download and review Inviting Family or Friends to Visit.