Graduand speakers and medal recipients

Graduand speakers

Student speakers are nominated by the university community and selected by the registrar based on student achievement and extracurricular involvement.

June 2022 Speakers:

Medal recipients

Student medal recipients are recognized annually at the June convocation ceremonies for their outstanding scholastic records and contribution to society, the university and the wider community.

Graduate Medals

  • Governor General's Gold Medals
    • Ceremony E: Dr. Razvan Cojocaru
    • Ceremony F: Dr. Herath Gedara Chinthaka Pathum Dinesh
  • Graduate Dean's Medals
    • Ceremony A: Dr. Kelly Lynn Finney
    • Ceremony B: Dr. Krysta Lyndell Dawson
    • Ceremony D: Dr. Andrew Park
    • Ceremony E: Dr. Avinash Kumar
    • Ceremony E: Dr. Vera-Ellen Mary Lucci
    • Ceremony F: Dr. Chao Bao
    • Ceremony F: Dr. Amanda Butler
    • Ceremony G: Dr. Alberto Lusoli
    • Ceremony H: Dr. David Chang
    • Ceremony H: Dr. Shiva Hajian
    • Ceremony H: Dr. Thomas Coulton Royle

Undergraduate Medals