As an instructor, we know that getting feedback from your students is an important part of your teaching practice. From formulating good questions, interpreting response reports, to taking action on the feedback you receive: we're here to help you make the course feedback process as easy and useful for you as possible. If you would like to go straight to the CES portal and get started, click the login button below.

Getting started

Scheduling a Survey

Your department, school, or faculty administrator reviews courses at the beginning of the term and includes them in the survey scheduler with the appropriate dates. A few weeks later, you get a chance to review this schedule and make changes.

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Adding my own questions

Early in the term, you can start working on your survey questions (up to 4). This guide is on how to write questions that lead to action, with specific guidance for instructors and for administrators.

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During the survey

Engaging with your students

Letting students know that you value their voice is the number one way to boost survey participation.

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Reminders for Students

Some practical resources for how to communicate with students during the survey.

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response rate monitor

Learn how to check the response rate during your survey and see how your students are engaging.

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Reading the reports

Analyzing Comments

Comments are a rich source of insight into your students' learning experience. Here are some tools on how to sort through comments, link them to the statistics in your report, and take action.

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further resources

Read what the literature has to offer on using student feedback and connect with experts in the Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE) and the Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD).

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other feedback tools

Conducting a pre-course survey

Learn more about your students and prepare them for the course before it begins.

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teaching feedback tools

Optional email and PowerPoint templates to encourage your students to participate.

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Survey tools

Survey software available at SFU for you to make your own surveys outside of our program.

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