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Semester in Dialogue Turns 10

February 04, 2013

"Dialogue Drives Change" reads The Georgia Straight's front-page headline (Jan 24 issue). Mark Winston sat down with the Georgia straight to talk about how his un-inspired experience at Boston University, motivated him to create a new model of experiential education at Simon Fraser University called the Semester in Dialogue. In this article Winston, discusses how a Semester in Dialogue challenges students to engage with the community through dialogue and experience their education through a novel learning model:

“Winston explains that the Semester in Dialogue is rooted in what excited him as a student. He cites the mentorship he received from faculty members and the experience of working in a research lab. He also mentions that as an entymologist, he has observed how bees are highly communal and employ many different modes of communication. So he brought this element into the program. ‘They function because everybody picks up their weight—nobody slacks off,’ he notes.”

Read the full piece here: SFU's Semester in Dialogue Fosters Cross-Discipline Collaboration

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