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Jessica O'Neil on the Pantages Theatre

March 28, 2011

The Reader Soapbox has published an op-ed by SFU Dialogue student Jessica O'Neil. O'Neil's article discusses the rich history of the Pantages Theatre and how the City of Vancouver is doing nothing salvage it.

“This theatre is falling victim to the city’s predilection for 'Demolition by Neglect,' its damage so severe that even the 'Save the Pantages' society has all but abandoned the cause...Charles Barber, executive director of the Pantages Theatre Arts Society, claims that the city 'blew an opportunity to do something wonderful. They could have had a century-old dazzler for free. They could have changed Hastings and Main forever, bringing back new energy, new ideas, new life and great hope.'"

Read Miles's full opinion piece: Failure to save Vancouver’s Pantages Theatre equals ‘demolition by neglect’.

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