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Keys to the Streets 2014

July 03, 2014

Keys to the Streets is a project that brings free, playable pianos to the public spaces of Vancouver this summer! Our pianos will be available to play from July 1 to August 23, 2014. This project is inspired by similar pop-up piano initiatives which have appeared in cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and New York.

Keys to the Streets seeks to build upon this spirit of inspiring music and creativity in our urban environment through revisiting the public piano concept in a way that is uniquely supported by Vancouver community organizations. When the program ends in August, these pianos will be donated to their stewarding organizations for indoor enjoyment!

Each piano is on site with bench, and a watchful, loving community steward taking care of the piano for the duration of the program – including a rain cover! Passersby are asked to play the pianos between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and are encouraged to slip the included cover onto the piano in the event of foul weather, and to contact CityStudio if you think we need to take care of anything.

The pianos were featured on the Global BC news, check out the Global news video below.

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