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Aaron Tilston-Redican, Fall 2014

March 03, 2015

Highlighting the experiences of recent Semester in Dialogue grads: Aaron Tilston-Redican, Semester at CityStudio (2014).

What semester did you participate in?

Fall 2014, the Semester in Dialogue at CityStudio.

Tell us about your individual projects in the Semester - What was the goal of your project?

I was part of a team called Learning in the Leaves, and we had a vision that we wanted to transform underutilized spaces in Vancouver’s parks into places of outdoor learning where teachers could bring the classroom outside to connect with nature.

In what way did the project have positive impact your community?

We were able to show Vancouverites that there is genuine interest from students, teachers, community members, and city staff to create an outdoor school in Vancouver.

How did the project impact you personally?

It’s funny, I was thinking of going into teaching before this semester, and now I’m sure it’s what I want to do. This project showed me that there are opportunities to teach in non-traditional classroom setting, and this really excites me.

What do you think you will do differently now as a result of the semester?

Before this program I felt like I had good project ideas, but would easily get overwhelmed by the thought of following through on them. This program showed me the necessary steps I need to take to turn a one of my ideas into a successful project.

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