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October 10, 2019

Student Spotlight: Zaria Alibhai

Zaria recently completed her Bachelor of Environment degree with a major in Resource Environmental Management. Zaria has been passionate about the environment since high school, and over the years she has tied this passion with her municipal interests of city planning and citizen engagement. Academically, Zaria has a particular interest in public policy as it pertains to sustainable development, climate change and renewable energy.

As an alumni of the SFU Semester in Dialogue: Urban Energy Futures cohort, Zaria had the opportunity to blend her interests of renewable energy, city planning and municipal policy with a new found civic responsibility and passion for dialogue. During her semester, Zaria worked to develop an internal engagement strategy for the City of North Vancouver to convert their municipal fleet to fully electric vehicles. Her cohort ended their semester by hosting a public dialogue aimed at tackling the social issues around electric vehicles in a shared urban energy future.

Zaria’s deep interest in exploring the ways in which citizen engagement can help shape public policy, led her back to the SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue where she now supports the Social Enterprise team in working with a variety of government partners to deliver meaningful and innovative public engagement.

Most recently, Zaria acted as a member of the core team that implemented the City of Burnaby’s largest public engagement project to date. The Your Voice. Your Home. project provided a set of unique in-person and online engagement opportunities for community members to gather and share ideas, present recommendations and engage with one another to find workable solutions to the City of Burnaby’s affordable housing crisis.

Outside of the world of dialogue, Zaria loves to keep up with the latest in the fashion world, and is always on the hunt for new sustainable trends. Additionally, Zaria enjoys devoting her time to volunteering with her city and religious community.

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