Iron Magazine image gallery

Iron was one of the earliest, and most ambitious, independent literary magazines on campus by Simon Fraser University students. Published between 1966 and 1978, Iron provided a creative outlet for several noted Canadian poets early in their literary careers, including Sharon Thesen and Brian Fawcett while they were students at Simon Fraser University. The influence of Robin Blaser, poet of the San Francisco Renaissance, can be seen in the pages of Iron. As a charter faculty member in SFU's English Department, Blaser became a mentor to this passionate and talented literary collective. 

Recently, Brian Fawcett said, "What we were up to in the early days was experimental in the best sense: curious, insolent—and willing to be humble and humbled" (personal communication, September 17, 2021).  Fawcett spoke of Robin Blaser as "the governing spirit," whereas "the guiding spirit, oddly, was R. Murray Schafer."  When he had asked Schafer what he and his "...friends needed to do to get published.  His [Schafer's] answer was unexpected: he said, 'Form a gang, make trouble, and publish yourselves. When you’re good enough, the publishers will come looking for you.' And for the most part, he was right" (personal communication).

Browse the below gallery for a selection of covers from Iron’s first series of issues (1966-1972). These unique works of art showcase the interdisciplinary collaboration at work in each issue of Iron, as student artists from SFU and beyond contributed their talents alongside writers.