Film image gallery

Charter students with a passion for film wasted no time finding each other. Shortly after forming the Simon Fraser Film Society to screen arthouse cinema on campus, Danny Singer set out to direct SFU’s first student film, the aptly named “The Beginning?” in 1966. Singer’s ethos would set the tone for those early days, as applying experimental techniques and mobilizing multi-talented peers and mentors became second nature for students with a story to tell.

Before long, the Centre for Communications and the Arts established the SFU Film Workshop as a launching pad for aspiring auteurs. Video became another powerful medium for self-expression, as the Video Workshop lit up TV-sets around campus -- and public-access cable -- with the work of students. With the opportunity to try their hand at creating documentary and feature films, the Film Workshop nurtured the talents of Canadian filmmakers such as Peter Bryant and Sandy Wilson. Video and film also became a training ground for the flourishing Canadian television industry, leading to storied careers for students such as Chris Aikenhead and Michael Chechik. Cinematographers, such as Tony Westman, and writers, such as Sharon Riis, also developed their gifts through the Workshop. Many of these creative students went on to find opportunities to hone their skills with the National Film Board and the CBC.

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