Music & Sound image gallery

Diversity of expression characterises the first decade of music on campus, as orchestral musicians rubbed shoulders with electronic music pioneers and sound researchers.

An illustrative example of this dynamic comes from beginning of the Artist-in-Residence program, as then-spouses R. Murray Schafer and Phyllis Mailing entered the scene. An acclaimed mezzo-soprano, Phyllis Mailing cultivated a dedicated following teaching choir and conducting the beloved SFU Madrigal Singers. At the same time, in the alchemist's lab of the electronic music studio, lauded composer R. Murray Schafer created ground-breaking pieces decades before the musical genre became ubiquitous. Fascinated by the nature of sound itself, R. Murray Schafer also established the World Soundscape Project to study the changing sonic environment.

The Centre for Communications and the Arts emphasized the power of music to engage and inspire the community. Resident ensembles, including the Purcell String Quartet and their predecessors the Lyric Arts Trio, brought joy to audiences through free concerts on- and off-campus.

Music became infused in the character of campus and musicians became sought after collaborators for film, dance and theatre projects. Composer Phillip Werren joined forces with student-director Wilf Mennell to bring “sonic-experiments” to the stage. In the eyes of many, the apex of this collaborative spirit was reached with “Dido and Aeneas,” SFU’s first operatic production in 1973, featuring the musical talents of Phyllis Mailing and the Purcell String Quartet.

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