Sound Recordings: Faculty Lectures from 1967 Communications Course

Alongside workshops in the fine and performing arts, as the historical predescessor to Simon Fraser University's School of Communication, the Centre for Communications and the Arts also offered courses in the field of communication studies. Philosophies and thinkers from the field of communication studies shaped the new Centre for Communication and the Arts as it was being established and influenced many faculty members teaching at the Centre.

In his autobiography, The Best Fooling: Adventures in Canadian Theatre, Michael Bawtree recalls the pitch he received from founding Director Bruce Attridge when he was offered his position as resident artist in theatre in 1965:

The binding principle of the Centre was to be the emerging study area of Communications, as the lens through which the arts were to be viewed and practised: this was the time, of course, when Marshall McLuhan, the guru of communications theory, was the reigning intellectual among those who sought to be new and innovative.

This "new and innovative" spirit has been preserved in the form of digital sound recordings. The Sonic Research Studio & Word Soundscape Project has collected recordings of historical faculty lectures from CMNS 100, a introductory communications course offered by the Centre for Communication and the Arts in 1967.

Visit the Sonic Research Studio & Word Soundscape Project to listen to a variety of fascinating lectures from the 1967 course, including: 

  • Jan. 11, 1967 – R. Murray Schafer: Human Communication, Networks and Culture
  • Jan. 23, 1967 – Tom Mallinson: Theories of Social Change
  • Feb. 1, 1967 – C. Nelson (Dept. of Biology): The Population Explosion
  • Feb. 13, 1967– Fred Brown: The World of Science and the Ends of Art
  • Mar. 6, 1967 – Jack Shadbolt: Contemporary Arts
  • Mar. 8, 1967 – Klaus Rieckhoff (Dept. of Physics): Causality and Charm in Modern Physics
  • Mar. 15, 1967 – Fred Candelaria (Dept. of English): Irrational Poetry/International Poetry (mp3)

Above quote from: Michael Bawtree, The Best Fooling: Adventures in Canadian Theatre, (Gloucestershire, UK: Mereo Books, 2017), 95.  

R. Murray Schafer on the steps of SFU's Academic Quadrangle. [Simon Fraser University, School for the Contemporary Arts fonds, F-109-12-7-0-60, "Schafer, Murray and Phyllis Mailing" (photo), undated. Photographer uncredited.]