Theatre image gallery

The stage of the SFU Theatre almost immediately became the creative epicentre of the “instant university.” The quickly established Centre for Communications and the Arts cultivated an environment which encouraged artistic exploration, and its yearlong calendar of happenings brought a sense of excitement and unpredictability to campus life. The facilities were in constant demand for largescale productions, visiting acts and one-off “Noon Shows” – or lunchtime entertainment generally produced for students, by students. One of the groups to thrive in this creative environment was the SFU Mime Troupe, with members such as Robin Patterson using the stage as a training ground, their work receiving acclaim and touring opportunities beyond campus.

From the program’s inception, brilliant resident directors, starting with Michael Bawtree, brought a sense of professionalism to the stage. As the program consistently emphasized mentorship, students led the collaborative development and production of original plays, such as “The Centralia Incident” in 1967. The program itself evolved as each new residents took the reins. Perhaps most famously, John Juliani and his Savage God Company ushered in the flowerchild era with his bold, original visions. Jim Garrard pushed spectators and actors to new limits with undertakings such as the weekend-long “Survival Theatre Marathon” in 1972. Rounding out the decade, Richard Ouzounian created the Simon Fraser Repertory Ensemble in 1974, benefiting students with more opportunities to work alongside professional actors. 

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