Explore stories, images and archival materials from SFU's past

  • Learn how the Centre for Communications and the Arts changed over time and find out what was happening each semester by browsing our timeline of seasonal event listing brochures from 1967-1975

  • Browse a curated and annotated timeline of posters from the Centre for Communications and the Arts to meet the artists and performers who made the new university a hub of creativity.

  • Located in the SFU Theatre and initially part of the Faculty of Education, the Centre for Communications was tasked with managing all arts activities on campus, as well as communication studies and related courses for future teachers. In 1966, Irene Thomson interviewed its faculty and staff to understand the grand vision for the new program.

  • In 1969, Peak Publications captured the Centre for Communications and the Arts at the height of its magic as campus creative hub. Read "Jade" for a taste of the creative voices at work in SFU's early days.

  • Learn how one dynamic woman organized the daily excitement at the Centre for Communications and the Arts into a unique and thriving creative community.

  • The Sonic Research Studio & Word Soundscape Project has collected recordings of historical faculty lectures from CMNS 100, a course offered by the Centre for Communication and the Arts in 1967.