Other Publications

Himeta, M. & Marshall, S. (2017–2018). I co-wrote with Dr. Mariko Himeta (Daito Bunka University, Tokyo) 12 short monthly magazine articles (in French and Japanese) during 2017–2018 on aspects of learning the French language for Japanese speakers in the monthly magazine Furansu in Japan: print and online  https://www.hakusuisha.co.jp/magazine/

Fee, E. J., Radford, W., Dench, S.  & Marshall, S. (2011). Internationalization and SEM at Simon Fraser University: curriculum, diversity, and literacy. In S. Gotheil & C. Smith (Eds.), SEM in Canada: Promoting student and institutional success in Canadian colleges and universities (pp. 289–310). Washington, DC: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers.