Dr. Steve Marshall

Professor, Faculty of Education
Associate Dean, Research and International

My research focus

The scope of my research encompasses plurilingualism, academic literacy, international teacher education, and linguistic landscaping.

My higher education research ranges from small-scale ethnographic projects in classes across the disciplines to a large-scale impact assessment of a first-year academic literacy program. In recent years, I have researched teaching and learning across the disciplines in Canadian higher education, in particular, students' use of languages other than English (e.g., Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Punjabi) as tools for learning, as well as instructors' pedagogical responses to linguistic diversity in their classes.

In the field of international teacher education, I have analyzed the study abroad experiences of English language teachers from several southeast Asian countries, Japan, and Taiwan through post-program site visits, interviews, and analysis of reflective narratives written during and after study abroad.

My linguistic landscaping research has focused on three areas: the educational potential of linguistic landscaping activities in graduate studies as a way to engage critically with multilingual communities, social control and public pedagogy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the linguistic landscapes of university spaces with regard to current policies of decolonization and equity. 

I also write textbooks, and am the author of Advance in Academic Writing 1 & 2, and Grammar for Academic Purposes 1 & 2, published by ERPI ELT, Montreal.

And finally, I have a YouTube Channel - OnScreen Academy. The channel offers free-access short screencast videos on English language and academic writing, and has received over 250,000 views from around the world. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmMdQxeZJxzHDl6z528Q2A

Selected recent publications

Plurilingualism and Education

Marshall, S. (2021). Plurilingualism and the Tangled Web of Lingualisms. In E. Piccardo, A. Germain-Rutherford, & G. Lawrence (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Plurilingual Language Education (pp. 46-64), Routledge.

Marshall, S. (2020). Understanding plurilingualism and developing pedagogy: Teaching in linguistically diverse classes across the disciplines at a Canadian university. Language, Culture and Curriculum33(2), 142-156.

Marshall, S., & Moore, D. (2018). Plurilingualism amid the panoply of lingualisms: Addressing critiques and misconceptions in education. International Journal of Multilingualism15(1), 19-34.

International Teacher Education

Marshall, S. (2022). Japanese English teachers’ professional development in a Canadian university: perceptions of self and imagining practice. In G. Barkhuizen (Ed.) Language Teachers Studying Abroad: Identities, Emotions and Disruptions (pp. 35-46), Bristol: Multingual Matters.

Marshall, S., & Spracklin, A. K. (2022). “We are in our country. Why do we have to resort to western ways of doing things?”: an analytic framework for knowledge application in language teachers studying abroad. Educational Linguistics1(2), 267-289.

Linguistic Landscaping

Marshall, S. (2023). Navigating COVID-19 linguistic landscapes in Vancouver’s North Shore: Official signs, grassroots literacy artefacts, monolingualism, and discursive convergence. International Journal of Multilingualism20(2), 189-213.

Li, J., & Marshall, S. (2020). Engaging with linguistic landscaping in Vancouver’s Chinatown: A pedagogical tool for teaching and learning about multilingualism. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism23(8), 925-941.

Marshall, S., Alhannash, M., & Masoumi Mayni, S. (in press). Reflecting on Linguistic Landscapes during Decolonizing Times: A Case from Canadian Higher Education. In E. Krompák & D. Gorter (Eds.), Educational Agency and Activism in Linguistic Landscape Studies, Peter Lang.