Dr. Steve Marshall

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

My research focus

I research the interplays between plurilingualism, academic literacy, and pedagogy in higher education, employing mainly qualitative/ethnographic research methods. I am currently researching teaching and learning, and academic writing, across the disciplines in Canadian higher education, with a focus on students who speak/write English as an additional language. My most recent research has focused on the use of languages other than English (e.g., Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Punjabi) as tools for developing academic literacy in English across the disciplines, as well as instructors' pedagogical responses to linguistic diversity in their classes.

Recent related publications

Preece, S. & Marshall, S. (2020). Special Issue for Language, Culture and Curriculum: Plurilingual approaches to teaching and learning in Anglophone higher educational settings. Including:

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Marshall, S. (2020). Understanding plurilingualism and developing pedagogy: teaching in linguistically diverse classes across the disciplines at a Canadian university. Language, Culture and Curriculum33(2), 142-156. 

Marshall, S. (2020). Applying plurilingual pedagogy in first-year Canadian higher education: From generic to scientific academic literacy. In S. Lau & S. Van Viegen (Eds.), Plurilingual pedagogies (pp. 253-270). Springer Language Education and Linguistics Series.

Marshall, S., Moore, D., James, C. L., Ning, X., & Dos Santos, P. (2019). Plurilingual students' practices in a Canadian university: Chinese language, academic English, and discursive ambivalence. TESL Canada Journal36(1), 1-20.

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