• 2016–2017
    Plurilingualism as an asset for learning across the disciplines in Canadian higher education. Principal Investigator, Steve Marshall; Co-Investigator, Danièle Moore
    SFU VPR Bridging Grant, $10,000 
  • 2010–2013
    A qualitative study of academic literacies and multilingual first year students in an English-medium university: Social and demographic change, multiliteracies, and institutional response
    Principal Investigator, Steve Marshall; Co-Investigator, Danièle Moore
    Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, $57,525
  • 2009–2010
    A qualitative study of the multiple literacies of multilingual undergraduate students in higher education: From the social to the academic.
    SSHRC 4a Simon Fraser University Vice President Research Grant, $9,719.98
    Foundational academic literacy development: A pilot study of learner contexts and perceptions of progress
    President’s Research Grant, Simon Fraser University, $10,000
    Academic literacy development: A comparative study of M.Ed students from Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia
  • 2006–2008
    Writing through transitions: Understanding the needs of learners writing in English as an additional language at SFU
    Learning and Instructional Development Centre, Simon Fraser University, $6,000