"More than 80% of our science and engineering PhD graduates continue their careers outside of the academic sector"

- Elicia Maine, W.J. VanDusen Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Special Advisor on Innovation to the VP Research and International, Academic Director, Invention to Innovation (i2I)

SFU is currently ranked #1 in Canada, #7 globally for entrepreneurial spirit among universities with real impact by United Nations Institute for Training and Research World’s Universities with Real Impact! Take advantage of the abundance of resources and mentorship in entrepreneurship during your time at SFU!

Incubators, Certificates, and More at SFU



Lacking inspiration for real world problems? Check out websites such as InnoCentivechallenges for Innovative Solutions or other granting agencies such as SBIR. Other specific maker events can spur on innovative ideas such as the COVID-19 Maker Challenge. By going to theses sites, you can contextualize what are real world problems that different agencies are seeking solutions for. 


When designing for commercialization, keep in mind relevant standards that will apply to the device. SFU has a collection of standards that can be referenced along with links to other instituitions. 

Market Research

SFU has subscribed to a number of databases for market research. Full reports are available from the library from Frost&Sullivan. If you need fast statistics, Statista is a great place to start. Check out the market research resources page, BUEC Buzz Blog, or the links under BUS 791 for other useful resources. 

Potential Events

If there is collective interest in learning more, the EGSA can reach out to the Industry Liason Office to organize an information session about the opportunities available to graduate students. You can also check out Beedie's page for entrepreneurial related events that are already available.