As engineering graduate students, the ability to test and verify concepts and ideas in our research becomes crucial. Below is a list of potential resources for prototyping purposes. If further resources or expertise is required, you can ask your supervisor or the lab technicians (ENSC/MSE) for more options. 

Machine Shops

School of Engineering Science: Please contact the lab technicians for access to the machine shop in the Applied Science Building. The following pieces of equipment are available: lathe, bandsaw, milling machine, drill press, etc.

School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering: Rates and extensive equipment list can be found here. Please contact Mustafa Sajid for further information. 

3D Printing and Laser Cutting

3D printing and laser cutting services are available in the Makers Commons, ENSC and MSE. Please contact the respective groups for rates, materials and access. 

4D Labs

For more specialized pieces of equipment, check out 4D labs and speak with your supervisor if you are interested. 


The School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering provides the following courses for hands-on training; please visit the website for more information:

    - Siemen Mechatronic Systems Certification Program

    - Basic of Machine Tools

    - Basics of CNC Programming & Machining

    - Rapid Prototyping & Quality Control