• Coordinates the activities of the EGSA 
  • Chairs and schedules executive meetings
  • Official spokesperson for the EGSA


  • Attends meetings, takes notes, and submit minutes to GSS
  • Update caucus contacts to GSS
  • Assists with scheduling executive meetings


  • Manages finances of the EGSA in submitting cheque requisition forms for expenses
  • Maintains financial records and accounts
  • Liase with GSS on financial matters

Social Coordinator

  • Plans social events 

Media Officer

  • Maintains websites and keeps content up to date

GPC Representative 

  • Enforces and voices student perspective on issues arising.
  • Helps students in coordinating extenuating circumstances if they occur.
  • Ensures student first policies

GSS Representative

  • RSVP and add items to the agenda to GSS(Caucus Reports, Motions, Committee of the Whole, and/or Announcements)
  • Read the council package before the GSS council meeting  (3 meetings/semester) and consult the EGSA for items
  • Ask questions if you/the caucus needs clarification/amendments
  • Attend and Participate in the council meeting (>2 meeting/semester)
  • Report back to EGSA about GSS meetings

TSSU Representatives

  • Attend their respective committee meetings;
  • Report important events and information pertaining to those committees at Caucus meetings;
  • Vote on behalf of the Caucus and the Members at committee meetings; and
  • Report feedback or input from the Caucus at their respective committee meetings.