Guide for Financial Resources for Graduate Students at SFU

Last update as of June 23, 2020

SFU Impact Scale

Brief overview on the current COVID-19 impact rating along with a high level overview of permitted activities. 

COVID-19 FAQ for International Students

Guide for immigration and travel, medical insurance, additional resources and steps after graduation for international students. 

Main Resources for Actions Taken Regarding COVID-19

Should you have any concerns regarding the resources, actions taken, the things going on and the students' demands during COVID-19, please refer to FAQ2 SFU C19 Coalition website. 

Funding Opportunities from GSS

The GSS has three support opportunities for transit, emergency grocery cards, and a family subsidy. For more information, a detailed newsletter has been provided here

GPS Community Hub

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) has created a community hub via canvas to connect graduate students across faculties. Join virtual events, participate in scheduled activities, and chat with fellow members of the GPS community at SFU. Register here for access.