Finance Leadership and staff directory

Executive team  

Office of the Associate Vice-President, Finance



Banking is responsible for the incoming wire transfers, bank deposits and misdirected items.


Albert Sennett Senior Financial Analyst 778.782.4709
Evelyn Forrest Financial Analyst 778.782.8472
Lisa Wood Senior Financial Analyst 778.782.8541
Kam Gill Senior Financial Analyst 778.782.4726
Shawn Li Financial Analyst 778.782.3757
Maggie Zustovic Clerk 778.782.4877
Sharon Wan Financial Analyst 778.782.3054
Elizabeth Wei Clerk 778.782.8503
Heather Bray Clerk 778.782.4020
Ida Luo Financial Analyst 778.782.8713



Budget coordinates and manages the development of the university's consolidated annual budget that supports operations and short and long term strategic planning.

Janis Kennedy Director 778.782.3233
Cian Lawlor Associate Director 778.782.8067
Sally Huang Senior Financial Analyst 778.782.2561
David Zheng Senior Financial Analyst 778.782.4321
Peyman Abedi-Rad Senior Business Analyst 778.782.7359
Kam Gill Budget Analyst 778.782.6872

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting is responsible for the external financial reporting function and supporting and maintaining the FAST reporting system which provides the internal reporting for SFU. 

Sarah Lee Associate Director, Financial Reporting 778.782.6975
Lisa Wood Senior Financial Analyst 778.782.8541
Kam Gill Senior Financial Analyst 778.782.4726
Shawn Li Financial Analyst 778.782.3757
Sharon Wan Financial Analyst 778.782.3054
Elizabeth Wei Clerk 778.782.8503
Ida Luo Financial Analyst 778.782.8713

Planning and Analysis

Planning and Analysis is responsible for planning, analyzing, driving and communicating initiatives to enable the university achieve its goals. 

Scott Penney Director, Planning Analysis 778.782.7513
Eric Tseung Strategic Business Analyst 778.782.9666

Payment Services

Payment Services ensures the timely and accurate processing of payments to vendors, contractors and employees while adhering to SFU policies and procedures. 

Mary Aylesworth Director, Financial Operations 778.782.3256
Kari Sampson Senior Business Analyst 778.782.2535
Reena Dhiman Business Analyst 778.782.9844
Sabina Diaconescu Senior Manager 778.782.7255
Lesley Dougans Assistant Manager 778.782.4046
Marina Vesninskaya AP Clerk (General Inquiries) 778.782.4647
Olga Turcanu AP Clerk (General Inquiries) 778.782.4766
Lucia Negosu AP Clerk 778.782.6631
Dora Ko AP Clerk 778.782.7358
Yulia Martynova Employee General Inquiries 778.782.4299
Marlene Robertson Data Entry 778.782.7120
Nesil Erhan AP Clerk 778.782.4645


Payroll provides essential faculty, staff and student payroll processing and related services for SFU. 

Mary Aylesworth Director, Financial Operations 778.782.3256
Rose Gonzales Manager, Payroll Services 778.782.3770
Michelle Bilalakis Assistant Manager, Payroll Services 778.782.4093
Sharon Assumption Payroll Technician 778.782.3236
Juliet de Pieri Payroll Advisor 778.782.3002
Lyubov Golovetska Payroll Advisor 778.782.6567
Katherine Blight Payroll Advisor 778.782.8486
Tomoka Sweet Payroll Advisor 778.782.9040
Helen Zhang Payroll Advisor 778.782.9276
Jennifer Cheung Business Analyst 778.782.4018


Procurement supports the SFU community by purchasing financially and environmentally responsible goods and services for the effective and efficient operation of the university. 

Mary Aylesworth Director, Financial Operations 778.782.3256
Lily Li Manager Procurement Services 778.782.4373
Anny Chung Major Purchasing Contracts Officer 778.782.4389
Paul Dhaliwal Major Purchasing Contracts Officer 778.782.6840
Jocelyn Lee Buyer, Science Stores 778.782.3305
Barb Mcllhiney Procurement Services Assistant 778.782.4301
Lisa Mulschlegel Procurement Services Assistant 778.782.4260
Rita Narovlyansky Procurement Programs Coordinator 778.782.4388
Eric Sheng Major Purchasing Contracts Officer 778.782.6869
Laura Simonsen Major Purchasing Contracts Officer 778.782.3295
Wells Song Major Purchasing Contracts Officer 778.782.5997
Jennifer Ellis Senior Buyer 778.782.4616

Research Accounting

Research Accounting supports SFU's research community by providing expert advice, management and reporting of research grants and contracts from external sponsors. 

Leeann Liew Manager 778.782.8092
Vivian Poon Research Accounting Analyst 778.782.8978
Chris Claiter Research Accounting Analyst 778.782.4019
Clarissa Berlian Research Accounting Officer 778.782.3411
Jessie Wu Research Accounting Analyst 778.782.4495
Winnie Chen Research Accounting Analyst N/A
Amelia Shu Research Accounting Officer 778.782.4875
Ina Hwang Research Accounting Officer 778.782.9734
Emy Meiliana Research Accounting Officer 778.782.3053
Amy Lam Research Accounting Analyst 778.782.5908
Shawn Li Financial Analyst 778.782.3757


Treasury oversees the university's finance functions, including cash management, investments, risk management and banking relationships. 

Jacky Shen Director, Treasury 778.782.4017
John Pierce Assistant Treasurer 778.782.4008
Mary Jiang Clerk 778.782.7042
Anna Liu Treasury Analyst 778.782.7246