Research accounting

Research Accounting

Our department supports SFU's research community by providing expert advice, management and reporting of research grants and contracts from external sponsors. We work closely with the university, researchers, funding sponsors and the Office of Research Services (ORS) and ensure that we follow all the funding guidelines and policies. 

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Assigned Officer


Leeann Liew           
Vivian Poon
Research Accounting Analyst
Chris Claiter
Research Accounting Analyst 

CFI (excluding CFI funded through other institutions), externally funded research contracts⁄agreements, industrial research grants/contracts, other research grants, NIH

  • Fund 31: 5X4XXX, 8X4XXX
  • Fund 35: 365XXX
  • Fund 36: 36XXXX, EXCLUDING 364XXX and 365XXX
Clarissa Berlian
Research Accounting Officer
SSHRC, Federal or Provincial Government research grants, TRIUMF, Endowment funded
  • Fund 31: R63XXXX, 640XXX, 729XXX, 74XXXX, 78XXXX
  • Fund 32: 693XXX
Jessie Wu
Research Accounting Analyst 

CFI funded through other institutions,  externally funded research contracts⁄agreements, industrial research grants/contracts, other research grants

  • Fund 31: 5X1XXX-5X3XXX, 8X3XXX
  • Fund 35: 364XXX
  • Fund 36: 364XXX
Winnie Chen
Research Accounting Analyst

Externally restricted non-research contributions

  • Fund 25: 1XXXXX
Amelia Shu
Research Accounting Officer

NSERC research non-collaborative programs

  • Fund 31: 611XXX, 613XXX, 617XXX, 618XXX
Ina Hwang
Research Accounting Officer
  • NSERC collaborative grants, and all CIHR grants, research grants from other universities
  • Fund 31: 612XX, 614XXX - 616XXX, 619XXX, 711XXX, 75XXXX
Emy Meiliana
Research Accounting Officer

PICS, Heart & Stroke Foundation, NCEs, MITACS, BCIC, C150, CRC, MSFHR, Stem Cell Network, Provincial research grants,  SSHRC Small

  • Fund 31: 633XXX, 641XXX, 65XXXX, 669XXX, 67XXXX, 681XXX, 719XXX, 724XXX,73XXXX, 76XXXX
Amy Lam
Research Accounting Analyst 

Externally funded research contracts⁄agreements, industrial research grants/contracts, other research grants

  • Fund 31: 5X9XXX,  779XXX, 865021, 865023, 8X9XXX

Specific purpose & endowment

Shawn Li          
Financial Analyst
Special Purple & Endowment
Fund 23, 61 and 62
Heather Bray
Fund 13 and 21