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Strategic Planning and Data-Driven Insights

The Planning and Analysis team's mandate focuses on four key areas: planning, analyzing, driving initiatives and communicating to enable the university to achieve its goals. Through a range of data-driven insights, we enable our stakeholders to make informed decisions about future opportunities, risks and strategies. 

University Planning Framework

Explore SFU's institutional plans and planning processes contribute to the university's strategic vision.

Evaluating University Performance

The strategic review document assesses university performance against specific objectives articulated for each core element of SFU's strategic vision: engaging students, engaging research, engaging communities and leveraging institutional strength.

Assigned Officer


Scott Penney
Director, Planning Analysis


  • Strategic planning and alignment
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Strategic communications
  • Risk management
Eric Tseung
Strategic Business Analyst


  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • University Priority Fund applications/progress reports
  • Performance metrics (KPIs)
  • Strategic alignment
  • Strategic communications

Patrick McClarty
Project Manager

Jennifer Parkhouse
Business Analyst

  • UniForum

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