sustainable procurement

We prioritize sustainable procurement practices, focusing on environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and services to support SFU's commitment to sustainability.

Committed to Sustainability, Climate Action and a Better Future  

We are dedicated to promoting sustainability, taking climate action, and creating a better future for the entire university community. We work to reduce our carbon footprint and collaborate with suppliers to minimize emissions.

To further emphasize our commitment to sustainability, we have engaged EcoVadis, a global sustainability assessment service, to evaluate our suppliers' environmental, ethical, and social performance. Learn more about our partnership with EcoVadis and our sustainability efforts:

SFU EcoVadis page

Amplify your Purchasing Dollars for a Better World

Our social procurement guide identifies the benefits of adopting social procurement practices such as:

  • providing economic opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and groups;
  • supporting the growth of small, local, diverse businesses and social enterprises; and
  • contributing to the health and well-being of local community members and institutions.

Simon Fraser University is one of four post-secondary institutions that worked on this guide with support from the British Columbia Collaborative for Social Innovation (BCCSI) and the McConnell Family Foundation.

Driving Positive Change in Communities


Our commitment to sustainability ensures that we consider the environmental impacts of our procurement decisions.

Social well-being

Our purchasing decisions can positively impact the communities we serve by promoting social and economic inclusion.

Poverty reduction

We can help reduce poverty and foster inclusive growth by supporting local economic development and social enterprises.

Supply chain diversity

We actively work towards fostering supply chain diversity and workforce development initiatives within our procurement processes.

Inclusive economic growth

Our procurement practices aim to promote inclusive economic growth by supporting local businesses and social enterprises.