competitive bidding

The Procurement team obtains goods and services in an open, competitive and fair manner to provide the best value and benefits to the university members. We collaborate closely with you to gather project requirements and provide guidance to vendors in their responses, ensuring a tailored and efficient procurement process.

Competitive Bidding Process

Our competitive bidding process consists of two stages, guided by the Procurement Officer:

  • Gathering information and creating the document: Work closely with your Procurement Officer to outline project requirements, develop a detailed solicitation document, and ensure adherence to procurement policies and trade agreements. The Procurement Officer will lead this stage, providing expertise and support.
  • Selecting a vendor: The Procurement Officer will publicly post the project, evaluate submissions based on predefined criteria, negotiate with the selected vendor, and award the contract while maintaining transparency and fairness.

    At the start of your project, contact your Procurement Officer for assistance, including advice on possible exemptions and exclusions.  

Competitive bidding guide