Payroll provides essential faculty, staff and student payroll processing and related services. We ensure all transactions adhere to university policies and maintain strong interdepartmental relationships.

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Record of employment (ROE) for former staff

We submit ROEs electronically to Service Canada. If you need your ROE after your employment at SFU, please access it from your My Service Canada Account.

For copies of T4/T4A or employment verification letters, contact

Assigned Officer


Mary Aylesworth
Director, Financial Operations
(778) 782-3256
Michelle Bilalakis
Assistant Manager, Payroll Services
(778) 782-4093
  • Information on Payroll Actuals or Encumbrance reporting
  • Request for Off-Cycle Manual Cheques
Sharon Assumption
Payroll Technician
(778) 782-3236
  • Additional Pay
Juliet de Pieri
Payroll Advisor
(778) 782-3002
  • Benefit Deduction inquiries
  • Benefit Prepayment and Reconciliation
Lyubov Golovetska
Payroll Advisor
(778) 782-6567
  • Faculty member - Payroll inquiries 
  • Overload Teaching Contract (OTC) and Lecturer Appointments
Dochka Kondurova
Payroll Advisor
(778) 782-4839

  • Payroll Appointment Forms ( PAF) 
  • TSSU Appointments = FASS and Sciences
Katherine Blight
Payroll Advisor
(778) 782-8486
  • Payroll Appointment Forms ( PAF) 
  • ROE and other requests
Tomoka Sweet
Payroll Advisor
(778) 782-9040
  • Payroll Appointment Forms (PAF) 
  • TSSU Appointments – all departments except FASS and Sciences.
  • Garnishments
Helen Zhang 
Payroll Advisor                   
  • Payroll Appointment Forms (PAF) - Immigration Compliance 
Jennifer Cheung
Business Analyst
(778) 782-4018
  • Requests for HAP access

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