Payment Services

The Payment Services group is responsible for timely and accurate expenditure processing of University funds, striving to maintain an exceptional level of customer service for faculty, staff and students. Financial controls are exercised by our staff to assure that all processing procedures are consistent with University policies and Government rules.

The types of payments processed by Payment Services include: Vendor and Independent Contractor Agreement Invoices, Payment Requisitions and Employee Business & Travel Reimbursements.

SFU payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. Employees, however, are paid within five business days after Expense Claim submission and authorized approval.


Forms and Resources

Forms and Resources Last Updated Description

Goods and Services
Vendor/Supplier Payments

Payment Guidelines   Information on Departmental Responsibility  and Delegation of Authority
Vendor Registration Instructions Oct 1, 2016  
Vendor Registration Form Oct 24, 2016  
Payment Requisition
Feb 2, 2018 Onetime Payment Department Requests
Payment Requisition Instructions Oct 1, 2016 How to use Payment Requisition Form

Electronic Funds Transfer

Available upon department or responsibility center request

Oct 11, 2019 Direct Deposit (EFT application form) -  Canadian Vendor/Suppliers only
Go to Signing Authority Management drop down tab below - Financial Signing Authority Request Form
Oct 1, 2016 To delegate spending authority
Accounts Payable   Vendor/Supplier Payment Processing
Independent Contractor
for Services
  Employee vs Independent Contractor
Conflict of Interest

Tax Compliance

Non Resident Withholding Tax - Regulation 105
  Information about Non Resident Withholding and Compliance
HST Information   Harmonized Sales Tax Information
PST Information   BC Provincial Sales Tax Information
GST Information   Goods and Services Tax Information

Employee Travel & Expense - Online Claims

TEX (Online Travel & Expense)   Oct 1, 2016 Online training through the Knowledge Centre
Travel and Expenses FAQ Oct 1, 2016 Commonly asked questions
Create an Expense Claim 

Feb 27, 2019 Instructions for 'How to create an Expense Report for non-research funds'
Create an Expense Report for Research projects starting with 3X Feb 27, 2019 Instructions for 'How to create an Expense Report for Research projects starting with 3X'
Cash Advance Request Feb 27, 2019
Instructions for 'How to create a Cash Advance request'
Expense Receipt Imaging guidelines Feb 27, 2019 Guidelines for 'Expense Receipt Imaging'
Expense Reports Reviewer Mar 21, 2018 Instructions for 'Department Reviewer'
Expense Reports Budget Approver Mar 21, 2018 Instructions for 'Approving Expense Claims'
Procedure for the Business and
Travel Expense Policy
  Business Travel Expense Policy and Procedures
Petty Cash Custodian   To make changes to Custodian  or Cash Float amount
Petty Cash Reimburse   Used by department to replenish petty cash.
Travel Claim Non-employee Mar 2, 2017 Travel Expense Claim form for Non-Employees
Non-Employee Lost Receipt Declaration Oct 3, 2019 To be completed when travel receipts are misplaced

Contact Us

Mary Aylesworth
Director, Financial Operations
(778) 782-3256
Kari Sampson
Senior Business Analyst
(778) 782-2535
Reena Dhiman
Business Analyst
(778) 782-9844
Sabina Diaconescu
Senior Manager
(778) 782-7255


Commodity Tax Accounting and Queries (PST/GST/Non Resident Withholding Tax)

Jen Balenzano
Assistant Manager (Acting)
(778) 782-4046
  • Employee Expense Claim Self Service Training
  • Employee Expense Claims Access
Marina Vesninskaya
AP Clerk (General Inquiries)
(778) 782-4647
  • General Enquiries
  • Vendor/Supplier Payment
Olga Turcanu
AP Clerk (General Inquiries)
(778) 782-4766
  • General Enquiries
  • Vendor/Supplier Payment
Lucia Negosu
AP Clerk
(778) 782-6631
  • Expense Allocation Adjustments & Queries
Dora Ko
AP Clerk
(778) 782-7358
  • Vendor/Supplier Registration
  • Non Resident Enquiries
  • Independent Contractors Payments
Cindy Bell
Employee General Inquiries
(778) 782-4299
  • Employee Claims General Enquiries
  • Wire Transfer Payments
Marlene Robertson
Data Entry
(778) 782-7120
  • Employee Claims General Enquiries
Nesil Erhan
AP Clerk
(778) 782-4645
  • Payment Processing (Cheque & EFT weekly runs)
  • Courier Payments
  • Vendor/Supplier General Enquiries

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Discovery 2 Room 118
8900 Nelson Way
Burnaby, BC V5A 4W9

Hours:  Monday - Friday
Weekends & Holidays: Closed

Travel and Expense Claims Assistance
Help Line: 778-782-7087

Vendor and Supplier Assistance

If you need assistance, visit Contact Us or email or
phone us (778) 782-8008