Research Accounting

Research Accounting is responsible for the financial administration and financial reporting of research fund received from external funding sponsors. This fund consists of grants and contracts funds received by the University for use by academic staff to conduct research.

Research Accounting provides services to the University, to the researchers and research personnel, and to the funding sponsors.  Research Accounting liaises with the Office of Research Services (ORS).

Forms and Resources

Forms and Resources Last Updated Description
Managing Research Funds
  A guide for managing externally restricted research funds
SFU Policies: Research   SFU policies on research-related matters
Major Research Sponsor Links
  Links to major externally restricted research sponsors
Externally Restricted Non-Research
  Procedure on how to apply for project set-up of SFU externally restricted non-research funding in Fund 25
Research Accounting FAQ's   Frequently Asked Questions
Additional Payforms   Form for PI Fee payment only
SFU Non-Research
Funding Application
  Form to request for project set-up of externally restricted non-research funding in Fund 25

Contact Us

Leeann Liew           
(778) 782-8092
Claudia Faria
(778) 782-4707
Chris Claiter
Project Accountant 
(778) 782-4019
  • CFI (excluding CFI funded through other institutions), CPAC, CANARIE, NIH
  • Fund 31: 523XXX, 593XXX, 599136-599137, 569240-569242, 569244-569245, 591016, 864XXX
  • Fund 35: 365XXX
  • Fund 36: 36XXXX, EXCLUDING 364XXX and 365XXX
Deanna Dolhanty
Financial Administrator
(778) 782-3411
  • SSHRC, Federal or Provincial Government research grants, TRIUMF, research grants from other universities, Endowment funded and Interfund Transfer research grants
  • Fund 31: 63XXXX, 640XXX, 729XXX, 74XXXX, 75XXXX, 78XXXX
  • Fund 32: 693XXX
Amy Lam
Project Accountant
(778) 782-5908
  • Research contracts⁄agreements excluding major research contracts/agreements, industrial research grants/contracts, other research grants
  • Fund 31: 5XXXXX,  531009-531011, 77XXXX, 869XXX
  • EXCLUDE: 521XXX, 562XXX, 572XXX, 573XXX, 591XXX, 592XXX
Moses Lo
Project Accountant
(778) 782-4495
  • CFI funded through other institutions, Major research contracts⁄agreements, Genome
  • Fund 31: 521XXX, 531001-531004, 531012 and higher, 562XXX, 572XXX, 573XXX, 591XXX, 592XXX
  • Fund 32:  695XXX
  • Fund 35: 364XXX
  • Fund 36: 364XXX
Vivian Poon
Project Accountant
(778) 782-8978
  • Externally restricted non-research contributions
  • Fund 25: 1XXXXX
Amelia Shu
Financial Administrator
(778) 782-4875
  • NSERC research non-collaborative programs
  • Fund 31: 611XXX, 6194XX, 6195XX
Kam Gill
Financial Administrator
(778) 782-9734
  • NSERC collaborative grants and all CIHR grants
  • Fund 31: 612XXX-6193XX, 711XXX
Ina Hwang

Financial Administrator
(778) 782-3053
  • PICS, Heart & Stroke Foundation, NCEs, MITACS, BCIC, C150, CRC, MSFHR, Stem Cell Network, Provincial research grants,
  • Fund 31: 641XXX, 65XXXX, 669XXX, 67XXXX, 681XXX, 719XXX, 724XXX,73XXXX, 76XXXX

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