Campus Development Planning

Since SFU first opened its doors in the 1960s, there have been plans in place guiding the development of the Burnaby campus. One of today’s key plans is the 2010 Burnaby Mountain Development Plan, which is based two earlier versions of the Campus Development Plan the first of which – adopted in July 1963 – outlined the vision of the original competition-winning scheme put forward by Erickson Massey Architects (EM).

Purpose of the 2010 Burnaby Mountain Development Plan

Prepared by Endall Elliot Associates and the Office of the University Architect, the 2010 Burnaby Mountain Development Plan is designed to:

  • summarize the fundamental planning and design principles guiding development to date and provide an update to key campus organizing principles.
  • identify remaining potential development sites within the central SFU Burnaby Campus boundaries and summarize the planning and design principles specific to each future site.
  • illustrate potential form of development scenarios for the future development sites, while estimating the development capacity for academic and other SFU- related uses.

The plan is a conceptual level, forward-looking document, that provides Form of Development Guidelines for the Burnaby Mountain Campus and builds on the updated SFU Development Plan from 1990. This 1990 update was undertaken by Arthur Erickson Architects (AEA) who prepared their plan as an extension of the original plan that supplied the preliminary planning principles that guided campus development through to the 1980's.