Construction Projects

Surrey Sustainable Energy and Engineering Building (SE3P)

Status: Now being commissioned
Project Location: 10285 University Drive, Surrey
Budget: $116 M (Project Cost)
Project Gross: 20,458 square meters (220,200 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Revery Architecture (former Bing Thom Architects)
Expected Completion Date: Open. Classes commencing September 2019.
SFU Project Lead: Sanjay Chandok , Facilities Development

The planned SE3P building will house Mechatronics labs and a new Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering program in Surrey, one of BC’s fastest growing municipalities. Over 800 students, faculty and staff will utilize the research, innovation and commercialization space in the 20,458 sm facility. The City of Surrey supported an accelerated construction schedule and sees the building as a key player in the City Centre revitalization and expansion.


  • SE3P will house approximately 320 undergraduate engineering students and 120 graduate students. 
  • The building is not only targeting energy efficient LEED Gold standards, it is also a living showcase for sustainable building standards.

Student Union Building

Status: Under construction
Project Location: south side of Freedom Square
Budget: $55 M
Project Gross: 10,280 square meter (110,750 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Perkins & Will Architects
Expected Completion Date: Fall, 2019
SFU Project Lead: Todd Farup , Facilities Development

New student Union Building will be entirely devoted to students with lounges, study areas, meeting rooms and recreational facilities. Some of the key features include a napping room, a community kitchen, an online gaming lounge, music rooms and a live performance stage.
The building is also targeting LEED gold certification, which is the second-highest rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. 

Click here to view the SUB Building Design and Development Report [PDF].

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Residence Building - Phase 1

Status: Under construction
Project Location: former Louis Riel Residence site
Budget: $43M
Project Gross: 16,600 square meters (178,700 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Dialog
Expected Completion Date: Spring, 2021
SFU Project Lead: George Venini , Facilities Development

Consists of two 7- storey building housing 482 single rooms for 1st year students. LEED Gold.

Residence Dining Hall

Status: Being tendered
Project Location: expansion of existing residence dining hall and renovation of existing
Budget: $24M
Project Gross: 2780 square meter (30,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Dialog
Expected Completion Date: Fall, 2020 (new addition only)
SFU Project Lead: George Venini , Facilities Development

Triples the size of current residence dining facility adding 700 seats.

Corix Biomass

Status: Under construction
Project Location: South Campus road
Budget: To be determined
Project Gross: 702 M2
Prime Developer: Corix Utilities
Expected Completion Date: Summer, 2020
SFU Project Lead: Adil Jessa, Facilities Development

The proposed Burnaby Mountain District Energy Utility Project is an extension of the regulated district energy utility that currently provides energy for space heating and hot water to existing buildings at UniverCity. The proposed project will provide cost-effective, low carbon energy to the SFU campus and all new buildings at UniverCity, creating an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to fossil fuel and electricity use.

Lorne Davies Complex Stadium

Status: Under construction
Project Location: Adjacent to Terry Fox Field and track, south face of Lorne Davies Complex 
Budget: $15 M including $10 commitment from SFSS
Project Gross: 1818 individual seats and 10 accessible seats
Prime Consultant: Perkins + Will Architects, Fast + Epp Structural Engineers
Expected Completion Date: Summer, 2020
SFU Project Lead: Gerald Gongos and James Bremner, Campus Planning and Development

The new stadium will provide seating for more than 1800 spectators as it includes new individual bleacher seats and informal seating for up to 300 on the surrounding landscaped berm. An extensive structural canopy overhead is anchored by facilities for coaching staff, media and dignitaries. The project is highly accessible with ramps, washrooms, and vantage points for observing activities on both track and field.

Funding for the project is a collaboration between the SFSS and the University.  

Interested in this project? Check out our live Terry Fox Field webcam feed here.