Antenna Access for Licensees and Contractors

The purpose of this procedure is to inform licensees and contractors on the necessary steps to gain access to rooftops at SFU for the inspection of antennas.

All licensees and their contractors must fill out and sign the first two pages of the Antenna Access Request form found here.

Only those who are authorized by licensee will be given access to their equipment. Please contact Real Estate Services to update the authorized personnel list.

  • All questions must be answered
  • Initials are required for all questions that include an initial box
  • Signatures and the date the form is filled are required on the first and second page
  • Billing information must be filled out if visiting the Water Tower or if an escort to the building is necessary
  • The detailed description of work being performed must include the work being done, how it is performed, and any tools being used. This allow SFU to properly evaluate the request. It is the Antenna Access requestor’s responsibilities to:
    • Ensure work is conducted in accordance to the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and all other applicable legislations.
    • The work will not cause damage to SFU infrastructure or another licensee’s equipment.
    • The work will not negatively impact SFU’s community and/or occupants.
    • The request and work is not in breach of the Licence Agreement
  • Submit a site-specific Safety Plan that is relevant to the proposed work/visit at SFU that incudes site specific emergency protocols.

Any changes made to the equipment requires permission from SFU. Application for equipment change can be found here.

In order to ensure safety, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when submitting the Antenna Access Request form to, licensees must:

  • Complete SFU Burnaby Contractor Safety Orientation found here and send confirmation of completion
  • Submit a detail site-specific safety plan

If there are any questions or concerns relating to the form or procedure noted above, please contact